Shadez: The Black Operations is a very unique flash game. The object is to destroy your enemy by having your units reach his base. At the same time, you must prevent the enemy from reaching your base with his units. Every unit that reaches a base will reduce the health of your enemy and vice versa. You get money for every enemy you kill so that you can add to the strength of your army. Keep in mind that you can queue up lots of soldiers to be produced at once by repeatedly clicking on the icon of what you want to build. Roll out a formiddable force of tanks and marines. Do NOT underestimate the power of a large group of marines. They can be quite deadly! More details about how to play are explained below.

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How to Play
Quick Reference Guide
STRIKES (on left) - UNITS (on right)
Shadez Quick Reference Guide

How To Play Shadez
The main panel contains 3 main tabs, your health (the green bar), your funds (to spend on troops), and a pause, play, and fast play button, pretty self-explanatory so far.


Here you build units to add to your army. Click the unit you want to build. You can build up to 9 units at once. CTRL+Click to cancel the build.

Strikes are missiles that you launch at different targets (shown on the screen) such as enemy units or a location.

Here you can pick upgrades that, once completed, will be added to either UNITS or STRIKES.

The Map is scrollable. Move the blue box with the mouse. The part of the map within the blue box is what you see on the screen.

Lastly, there are 4 tabs to use for unit control: PROCEED, STOP, MOVE CONTROL, UNLOAD.

PROCEED: Makes troops move from left to right.
STOP: Troops stop in place.
MOVE CONTROL: Will be used in later updates of this game.
UNLOAD: Chinook Helicopter only. Unloads its cargo.
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